Set Fast Closet Bolts

Mainline SetFast Closet Bolts

The no-cut brass toilet bolt kit, featuring a self-adjusting
design - simply screw up or down to fit.

Made with Installers in Mind!

Mainline SetFast brass closet bolts are the toilet bolts most Preferred by the Pros, because they feature a self-adjusting design that you simply screw up or down to fit - allowing you get in, install a new toilet and get out - fast! 

3" Closet Bolts

Mainline SetFast Closet Bolts also come in a 3-inch size providing the same tremendous ease. Just pull up on the bolt and press down on the lock washer to secure. 

Jam Bar Toilet Bolt Lock Wrench

Toilet bowl removal can be difficult if the bolts are corroded, or their ends are damaged. Forcing the nut can often cause the bolt to break free and spin. Because space is limited, holding back on the bolt using conventional tools can be difficult. The Mainline Jam Bar is a thin bladed wrench designed to fit into tight spaces that solves this problem and makes toilet removal a breeze!

No Cutting - Simply Turn to Adjust!

The innovative design of SetFast closet bolts allows for a quick twist adjustment, so the toilet bowl bolts either shorten or lengthen for a perfect fit.

Featuring a 1 Year Warranty

Built to last, the Mainline SetFast closet bolts feature a 1-year warranty and durable brass construction for longevity and corrosion protection.

Toilet Install Time Reduced!

Get in and out quick - using the Jam Bar Tool to remove a stubborn old toilet and the new Set Fast Closet Bolts to install a new!  

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