One stop, limitless PROtential. Meet the brand most “Preferred by the Pros.” This section provides clear proof that Mainline is the obvious choice. Take a deeper dive into what sets Mainline apart. Read articles and view videos from industry experts and happy customers. Get to know us through what matters most — exceptional goods that exceed industry standards from dependable people who understand. We can help you propel each project with quality products fit for a PRO.

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Mainline nForcer Pumps Put Water in its Place

Whether you’re removing water from a pool, dealing with a flooding basement or draining a water heater, the job is done with a pump. Mainline’s nForcer pumps are built to last using high quality components and current technology for years of trouble-free operation. Available models include sump, sewage, utility, effluent and transfer pumps for residential and light commercial use. When compared to the competition, Mainline pumps are more durable and efficient with a longer warranty.  take a look below at all the qualty features in this nForcer sump pump. 

What's INside Counts

We've also stacked up a friendly side-by-side competition featuring the Mainline nForcer MLP72341 pump versus the Liberty 237. Watch and learn how much faster and better the Mainline nForcer can do the job!

Our pumps are available in a variety of styles and power levels. Check out the above list to choose the one that best fits your needs and you’ll be on your way to a successful project!

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Mainline Rotomolded Coolers

Mainline Coolers. Work Hard. Play Hard.

We tested the Mainline Cooler against other popular brands. You might be surprised to see the results.  

Want a cooler that likes playing rough? It's cool. Ours is rotomolded; stays cool in any situation. And it's got thick skin; nothing will hurt it. It knows when to let it go; then it's ready for more. It can do this all day. 

Mainline Coolers
Mainline Coolers. 4 models to choose from.
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Mainline GrindSmart Disposers

Mainline GrindSmart. Welcome to the Grind.

Mainline’s GrindSmart Disposer reaches full torque faster for finer grinding and less energy consumption. With a substantially longer warranty and a lower cost, you must be seeing Mainline in a brand new light. 

Mainline Grindsmart Comparison Sheet

Watch the above video to compare the InSinkErator models to the Mainline GrindSmart disposers and see for yourself why Mainline is the kNOw* brainer.  

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Mainline Armada: Tools that Go the Distance

Mainline Armada tools are designed to give you maximum productivity. Featuring durable grips, precision balanced handles and strong jaws, our line has something for every application and is ready to tackle anything you might throw at it. 

Mainline Armada PVC Cutters
Mainline Armada Pliers
Male with Tool Belt standing in front of truck
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Visit for full details, videos and more about our "go the distance" tool line.

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Reliability is in the Air: HVAC solutions from Mainline

At Mainline, we offer proven technology in each of our high-performing products, along with comprehensive warranties and excellent support. We take pride in putting people and results above all else. Our residential and commercial HVAC products meet a wide range of market needs. 

Family with AC thermostat behind them.
Mother & Daughter cuddling under blanket, enjoying the cool AC.

At Mainline, our goal is to provide high-quality heating and cooling systems that keep you in total control of your home's comfort. So relax, and enjoy that just right feeling from Mainline. 

Mainline HVAC Diagram
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Visit for full details, videos and more about our reliably comfortable line of heating and cooling products. 

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