Roof Top Blox

Mainline Roof Top Blox®

A revolutionary roof top support block system that is the perfect solution for supporting piping and equipment on flat commercial roofs. 

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Better by construction. Better by design.

Mainline Rooftop Blox® unique construction and design are the perfect solution for supporting piping and equipment on flat commercial roofs. 

Engineered with Contractors in Mind

Our USA-made, lightweight, versatile Roof Top Blox® system is designed to be quickly installed, expanded and adjusted from just the top side. Learn more about all the fantastic features below. 

Pipe Saddle Design

This top trough aligns and cradles so when a pipe is placed in it, the notched saddle-top design eliminates pipes from rolling around when on an uneven surface, making it quicker and easier to secure.

Reinforced Screw Starter Guides

When attaching clamps and straps, these small indents allow for fast screw location. Plus, their internal structure increases screw-thread grip for added strength, guiding the screw and making tightening a breeze. 

Extension Rod Holes

Some local codes dictate a set pipe elevation above the roof. The Mainline Rooftop Blox® easy installation and convenient height adjustment feature 3/8" and 1/2" holes for threaded rods to allow all accessories to be completely installed and adjusted from just the top side.

Galvanized Plate

Accidentally forget to put a nut inside one of the slots and your all thread rod goes all the way through? Not to worry! There's a galvanized plate INSIDE the Mainline Rooftop Blox® unit on top of the foam that prevents it from puncturing through the roof block. 

Securing Bracket

Some jurisdictions may require you secure your rooftop block to the roof. A pair of polycarbonate brackets mechanically lock onto Mainline Rooftop Blox® and permanently bond to roofing using adhesive.

Stable Design with Interlcoking End-to-End Tabs

Mainline Rooftop Blox® have a wide footprint and can easily be connected in a series. There is a tab on one end of the unit and a groove on the other end of the unit. Simply connect that tab and groove and snap into place. 


The Mainline Rooftop Blox® are substantially lighter than other brands. 9 out of 10 times a strut is not needed, so why waste weight & dollars? Mainline Rooftop Blox® are sold without the strut keeping you light, agile and cost-effective. 

In the rare occasion you do need a strut, one mounts quickly and easily! 

Protective Padded Base

Mainline Rooftop Blox® feature a 25 pounds per square inch high-density type 4 closed cell structural foam base cushions load to protect commercial roof membrane.

On-Board Pipe Strap

Did you forget your pipes straps in the truck? Every Mainline Rooftop Blox® unit includes an on-board, galvanized clamping strap for fast convenient securing of pipes up to two inches in diameter.

Rib Structures

Internal and External rib structures allow for 250 pounds on a single point or 450 pounds with strut. Rated for 250 degrees Farenheit. 

HVAC Applications

Refrigerant line sets, ductwork, electrical conduit, gas piping & condensate piping. Mainline Rooftop Blox® are ideal for ductless, or mini-split condensing unit mounting, as the wide, stable design offers balanced weight distribution.

Shrink Wrapped

 When you order a pack of Rooftop Blox®, they come conveniently shrink-wrapped in a pack of 8. What's more, you can use the shrink wrap as a handle. So, if you need to go up a ladder or lift, you can take the whole pack right up with you. 

20-Year Warranty

Our UV resistant and weatherproof Mainline Rooftop Blox® are already rugged, but we've backed them with a 20-year warranty to give you further piece of mind. 

Build a Bridge

Connect the Mainline Rooftop Blox® using strut support and elevate heavy equipment. 

Mainline Rooftop Blox®

Easier installation and lasting dependability make the Mainline Rooftop Blox® the best roof block choice to specify and install for supporting pipes and mechanical equipment on flat commercial roofs. Try them today! 

Wide & Stable Design

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