Push Connects

Works on Copper, PEX, PE-RT, & CPVC. Installs in seconds. 

Our products are a great labor-saving tool. Our simple technology makes it easy for the do-it-yourself plumber and pluming professionals as well, saving the installer 70-90% of the installation time over conventional soldering or welding methods.

For plumbing professionals, the increased speed means you complete more jobs in less time, increasing the number of daily service calls. In addition, our technology is designed and warranted to last longer than any other conventional method. 

Built To Last

Our patented technologies offer a full range of high-quality plumbing fittings and valves that are quick and easy to install. Our fittings are reusable, durable, permanent plumbing connections, and get the job done 75% faster than traditional methods, including soldering. 

Over 100 patens are behind the technology that makes each of our fittings easy, durable, and reliable.

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Mainline Brass delivers superior proven technology, premium quality, significant value - as well as the widest assortment of any competitive push fit brand. 

Our lead-free and safe brass alternative push fit technology, provides users with technology that not only protects your health- but their affordability and smart technology protects your time & your wallet, too. 


Copper is well know for its strength and superior heat transfer properties in plumbing applications. 

In addition to being lead-free and having no arsenic additives, our 99.97% copper push fittings and valves are certified "lead free" by NSF and are certified as meeting the stringent requirements of the California AB 1953 Lead Law. They are dezincification resistant, and the high-performance seals used in our push fit products are certified Chloramine resistant.

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