Mainline Bidet Seats.

Happy. Healthy. Hygenic.

Always Ready For Use

The Mainline Bidet Toilet Seat provides a refreshing stream of clean where and when you need it most.

With no electrical connection or batteries required. You don't even have to wire your bathroom to use your bidet!

Seriously Selective

Use knob at that seat's side to fully adjust water pressure for the perfect level of comfortable clean. 

Self-cleaning, Dual Wand System

Choose between front & rear wash modes as a stream of ambient water washes you clean. 

The self-cleaning wand automatically rinses after each use. Keeping your bidet seat ready and sanitary. 

Super Sanitary

The Mainline Bidet seats comes complete with an antimicrobial coating that inhibits the growth of microorganisms. The seat features easy change hinges to permit complete seat removal for thorough cleaning.

As well as tight bumpers that hold the seat firmly in place so there is no slipping or twisting during your wash.

Quiet Close

The bidet seat never slams, but slowly eases itself close. Featuring a three-year warranty.
Plus, the bidet includes all the parts for a fast & secure installation.